29 June 2017

Where can you find and download free e-books

I am far from being a bookworm but as an ESL teacher, I always try my best to upgrade my language creativity by reading at least two books a month (this is a recent habit, lol). I am so glad that I find reading so pleasurable, it makes my learning journey so interesting and always full of colours.

However, books can be super expensive sometimes and not everyone is lucky enough to have a functioning library or a lively bookstore around the neighbourhood no matter how hard we wished for it. That’s where e-books come in.

Though I do buy books on monthly basis, I still enjoy the luxury of having e-books because it gives me access to my favourite pieces whenever I want it regardless of place and time. And it’s not even the greatest part. The best part of all is we can download millions of it to our phone for free. Yes! FOR FREE! 

See the steps below to learn how: 

1. Install FB Reader app from Google playstore ( for Android user)
2. Go to kat.how and search for your favourite books in epub format
3. Click the magnet link and copy
4. Go to zbigz.com and paste the link you’ve copied earlier
5. Cache and wait for the download button
6. Open the books with FB Reader

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Very easy, isn't it? It may seem a lot, but it’s not that hard, really! And kat.how is not the only site that offers free e-books, there’s so many of them you only have to search. Be resourceful, loves. Google is fun :D

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