24 November 2014

Cathy Doll Tofu Set

When I got my allowance for this semester, I remember making a vow to myself that a part of it will be invested on the wellness of my skin. And yeah, it does make me spend a lot of money on beauty products but, the worst part is; I don’t even feel guilty.

Anyway, let us skip the cliché "feeling-guilty" part and jump to product review, shall we? Wohoo, I will be reviewing Tofu Body Set from Cathy Doll; one of my favourite products ever. But nah, don’t worry; because i will be honest in giving my opinion, I won’t sugar-coat it.

In case any of you is wondering what Tofu Body Set is, it is a set of body-care items under Cathy Doll brand. I actually have never heard about Cathy Doll before, until one of my blogger friend; Dyanared promotes about it in her IG, and yes, I bought my Tofu Set from her. :)

Tofu Body Set (credit: Google)

Tofu Body Bath Cleanser
I think among the three items, this is my second favourite. It smells very very nice, like vanilla ice cream (maybe), but sadly the smell does not last very long. Once you rinse your body with water, the smell fade away together. However, I think it heals the dry skin around my ankle.

 Tofu Body Pudding
Tofu pudding is a lotion. I wear it right after I showered (it is important to wear lotion or cream immediately after shower to maintain the dampness) everyday without fail. I love the smell, the smell is similar to the shower cream; which I love, but unfortunately, it is too ‘light’ for my skin. I love to slather my skin with heavy cream, so, this pudding a.k.a lotion does not quench my demand. Haha. But it would be a great alternative if you are a fan of ‘light’ lotion. However, I don’t see any improvement on my skin colour after wearing it religiously for 3 months. 

Tofu Mask
My favourite!!! I love, I love, I love this mask. Smells very very nice, like the other Tofus, and most importantly, it makes my skin better! I put it on my face almost everyday, and it makes my skin very-very soft. It heals the dry area around my lips, and lessen the sunburn effect which many products failed to do (ai ni hari2 kena panas+malas pakai sunblock). It is very cheap as well, considering the fact that it can last me for months with careful use. The only shortcoming is, the bottle is not very hygienic as you have to use your finger to take the mask out. Anyway, 5 stars for this mask! I will totally re-purchase this mask; maybe buy it in bulk haha.

So, I hope you find enlightenment about this Tofu Set after reading my review. This is strictly my own experience and please, please, please do not expect similar result on your skin!  What works on me, might not work on you and what doesn't work on me, might work on you. :) Try and you'll know it. 

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