29 August 2014

Review: Kate Designing Eyebrow Powder

I used to believe that having thin eyebrows will make me look pretty. But, it’s not. For years, I am stuck with my thin eyebrows, thanks to my adventurous side of shaping it myself. Now, I am trying very hard to get its original shape, but, they refused to grow back after being denied existence for years. LOL. I tried putting coconut oil on them, but seems like I have to wait ages before I can finally see the result so at last, I decided to give an eyebrow powder a shot.

Now, I cannot live without it. I feel totally incomplete when I am not using my Kate Designing Eyebrow powder. It’s my first eyebrow powder ever, so, I cannot really compare it with other brands. But, I do believe that they give out similar result, aren’t they? :)


My before and after eyebrow powder

I love how easy it is to apply this thing; I just fill my eyebrow with this powder, no pencil, no mascara. It has 3 different shades to choose from, with free brush. Very convenient especially for someone who are always in a rush, like me. :p

Trust me; I am still an amateur when it comes to makeup. But, for someone who is still learning, I think I did quite a great job on my eyebrow, aren’t I? HAHA… 

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