18 April 2015

Survived my 1st week of practicum..

         I survived my first week of practicum. Heaven knows how tired I am! I’m not even a real teacher with 30 periods a week! Now that I am in school, I really really really appreciate Saturday. Saturday is the only day where I do not have to rush to do anything, the only day I do not have to wake up early to plan my lesson, and the only day I do not have papers to mark (coz I am so lazy, I only give them worksheets :p). I am slowly adjusting my life to this new routine.

Let me start with the class that is given to me to handle. Hallelujah most of them have very strong basic in English; I hope I won’t face any problems during observation (which is on Tuesday, OH EM GEE!!!). However, yes, there are things that I am not satisfied with; they are very, I mean VERY, very noisy. Everyday feels like running 800 metres trying to control them. Once they become so engrossed with the activity, they started making noise, shouting to each other trying to complete the worksheet. I am still trying to figure out why do they have to shout. And then I shout too, in the end it becomes havoc. I tried ‘blackmailing’ them with the REWARD system, but they do not really care. Gosh! My classroom control is still very-very bad.
Then, lesson planning. Thinking and planning could take a week, figuratively. Moreover, I realized that my pupils have different proficiency level, so, I have to prepare different task for every level of proficiency, to ensure learning is happening in the classroom. It’s a lot of work.

Third, money. Seriously, I spent a lot of money on teaching aids. Nampak tak pengorbanan I?? Hahaha. And actually I have to restrain my food intake hahaha…But, it’s worth it when they understand the lesson! So far, listening and speaking skill is the hardest skill to teach. Why? Please refer paragraph 2. TT.TT

But I like teaching. It’s actually fun, though really tiring. And scary at the same time, because you are responsible for somebody’s future! I still prefer studying and do my assignments over teaching. Hahaha..
3 more weeks!

27 March 2015

My Sibu Trip: Day 2, 3 and 4

Hello everyone!

Well, all I did in Sibu was eat, eat and eat. And of course took lotssssa picture until my phone memory can take it no more. Hahaa..That were pretty much how I spent my second, third and fourth day in Sibu..

Bintangor Rojak (mixed food)

The famous laksa Sarawak

Look at the priceeeeeeeee!

We literally bought 10 hahaha...it's very delicious, can get it at Sibu Central Market

Kongpia! It tastes greattttt... bun stuffed with pork meat

This is the best of all...our last dinner with Fred's family. His Mama cook the best kimchi!

Those are only 10percent of all the food I ate there…I am officially missing them! Thanks to the cheap price, and of course Fred’s paid most of it, that I could enjoy all the delicious food. 

So, that concludes my 4 days 3 nights trip to Sibu, although tiring, I do had fun...The place is nice, nothing to shout-out but the food.....AWESOME!

p/s all pictures were taken using my OPPO R1, quite good huh?

20 March 2015

My Sibu Trip (14-18 March 2015) : Day 1 Part 2

People say Sibu is the heaven of food. (Kalau pemakan ngok-ngok tegar cam saya memang bahagia lah..wakaka). Not only the price is heavenly cheap, the choices are various as well! Ala-ala Hong Kong bilang En.Fred (tuan rumah yang sabar ja layan karenah kami). :D 

Can you see their night market? This is the first place we visited when we reached Sibu. There’s no place like this in Sabah! Paling2 jumpa buntut ayam jak.. Tapi xpa...Sabah ada Martabak Jawa. :D Haha…RM8, RM10 for each slice of sau nyuk and char siu….it’s so cheap! (Donggongon ada kali, tapi tapi…mahallll T.T) So apalagi, hari pertama I sudah memborong makanan :))) I was so full until sleeping became a struggle haha…Trust me, you can get a lot with RM10. Even 15 small dim sums only cost me RM6 or...RM9?...can't remember....still cheap anyway... @.@ 

Then we got the chance to taste 'tuak'; an alcoholic beverage made of rice, yeast and sugar for the first time. It was a homemade 'tuak', with a lil touch of ginger, and it tasted nice! It doesn’t felt alcoholic; I think it’s more like a fruit juice due to its sweetness.

After that we cleaned ourselves and slept; ready for tomorrow's activity. 

19 March 2015

My Sibu Trip (14-18 March 2015): Day 1 Part 1

I have always wanted to travel. My dream is to spend my every holiday travelling around the country or abroad by road. So, we can assume that this trip is my starting point, to get experience and learn a lil bit of everything about travelling before I go on a more adventurous trip outside the country. 

So, there we were; 3 clueless kids on our first road trip to Sibu, Sarawak. :D

We did not buy a direct flight to Sibu because it was expensive.  The only available flight from Kota Kinabalu to Sibu is by Malaysia Airlines, and being students, we cannot afford that. So, we bought an Air Asia flight to Miri; which cost us RM120 to and fro including insurance, and travel to Sibu by bus. The flight to Miri took about 30 minutes, so, if you are hungry during the journey, I think it is advisable to wait until you are safely landed (rugi bah! bukan murah makanan airasia -,-)

Upon reaching Miri, we went straight to the bus terminal by taxi which cost us RM30. I think the fee is quite reasonable since the bus terminal is quite far from the airport, roughly 20 minutes journey (I don't remember actually). 

I tell you, you have to put a strong face in Miri Bus Terminal. The people are aggressive; they will force you, annoys you, pull you hard until you agree to travel by their buses. I recalled this one uncle who didn't stop pulling us, didn't even give us chance to have our breakfast until we finally agree to buy his ticket. So we did; to shut him up. Haha..*SIGH* They are many choice of buses; so choose the one that suits your travel time because they have their own timing to operate. The fee is RM40-RM50; depends on the bus. 

At 9.00 am, we departed for Sibu. The journey took about 7 hours, it was tiring but for me it's tolerable because the bus had no nauseous scent, thank goodness. And maybe because I slept mostly during the journey :p but I was aware a few minutes of every hours to enjoy the scenery (mostly forest). The bus stopped twice during the journey at Batu Niah and Bintulu for 10 minutes, we used that short period to inhale a little bit of fresh air, go to the loo and stock up some snacks to ease the  singing tummy. We didn't have much time to order food at the restaurant, so we had to hold our hunger until Sibu!

After 7 hours, we finally reached Sibu!

5 February 2015

Of me, hair and shampoos...

My hair used to be very easy to manage. USED TO BE. No hairfall, no dandruff, effortlessly silky and it was everything a girl could ask for for a hair. And I liked to cut it short, so short because I could. My face was not as wide as it is now. LOL.

It was Christmas 2008 when I had my first re-bonding. I was excited because I’d been saving up for it the whole year and hair re-bonding was an ‘in’ thing at that time. However, after 4 hours exposing my ‘virgined’ hair to the agony of heat and chemical, it turned out sooo BADDDD I couldn’t stand to see my face in the mirror… It was so flat and the roots of my hair were burned. I almost cry but being 16 and stupid, I said nothing and paid the hairdresser anyway.

But I was positive. I fed my hair with the right shampoo (Pantene!), and in return, it served me well for a few months. And then the real aftermath happened when I had my hair trimmed by another unprofessional barber. It was soooo ugly and short I literally cried outside the salon. HAHAHA. I was lucky I had 4 of my bestfriends with me at that time; I think they bribed me with noodle soup to ease my feeling. Haha. And for some reason that I cannot understand, right after the aftermath, my glorious Pantene did not work on my hair anymore. So I had to tie my hair for 1 and a half year, refrained myself from cutting it for a year, and experimented with various shampoo to find the best frizz manager. But I couldn’t find it. Some shampoo will work its magic for a few months and then stopped serving my hair so suddenly it makes me confused. It is never as silky as it was anymore. 

So, over the years, I have experimented with various shampoo, and I can literally say what shampoo works best and what not. These are some of my favourites;

1. Elysyle by Elken (my current favourite! I used the one specialized for hairfall and it really works!)
2. Sunsilk (Cheap and smells really good)
3. Schwarzkopf (Makes hair silky and shiny, too bad it doesn't work on my hair anymore)
4. Pantene (Smells really really good)

...unfortunately for Labourse, Watson's Shampoo, Loreal and Rejoice; they make my hair frizzy and really hard to comb. But many people swear by these shampoos so I hope my experience won't stop you from buying them. 

Elysyle by Elken. My current favourite..