21 April 2017

5 Sebab Kenapa Kita Perlu Makanan Tambahan

Hello peeps :)

Beberapa hari yang lepas saya ada tulis entry berkenaan Shaklee dan bagaimana pandangan saya terhadap Shaklee berubah selepas beberapa minggu sahaja. Kalau terlepas, boleh klik disini untuk baca ya. Hari ini pula, saya mau share dengan kamu semua 5 sebab utama kenapa manusia, secara keseluruhan, perlukan supplement.

Anyway, if you're one of those people yang berpendapat bahawa kamu tidak perlukan supplement, teruskan membaca! I was once like you guys, perasan diri immune to all kind of diseases dan salah sangka dengan vitamin. Syukurlah berjaya kembali ke pangkal jalan sebelum terlambat :D

So, disini saya senaraikan 5 sebab utama kenapa badan kita sangat-sangat perlukan supplement, manalah tahu ada yang tiba-tiba lembut hati selepas membaca kesemua info yang saya kongsikan ini, kan?

1. Memenuhi keperluan badan

Badan kita terdiri daripada sel-sel, tisu-tisu, sistem dan juga organ yang sungguh kompleks. Jadi, sudah semestinya badan memerlukan vitamin dalam jumlah yang banyak supaya ianya dapat berfungsi dengan baik.

Jika kereta memerlukan minyak, badan kita pula memerlukan vitamin.

2. Buah dan sayuran sudah tidak sama seperti 50-100 tahun yang lepas

Untuk pengetahuan anda semua, sayur dan buah-buahan kini tidak sesihat dahulu. Galian dan mineral dalam tanah semakin berkurangan sehingga menjejaskan kualiti tanaman. Racun perosak, racun serangga dan bahan pencemar juga mempengaruhi kualiti buah dan sayuran tersebut.

3. Pengambilan makanan seharian yang tidak seimbang

Makanan ruji rakyat malaysia sangatlah tidak seimbang dan tidak memenuhi keperluan harian badan. Tidak perlu tengok rakyat Malaysia lain, tengok saja diri anda sendiri. Awal pagi dah makan nasi lemak dan minum kopi, dimana sumber zat untuk badan kita? 

4. Pengambilan makanan segera yang tidak sihat

Mestilah tidak sihat, sejak bila makanan segera sihat kan? Anyway, ini selalu terjadi dalam kalangan keluarga yang mempunyai ibu bapa berkerjaya. Kesibukan menyebabkan si ibu jarang memasak di rumah, sehinggakan pengambilan makanan seimbang diabaikan.

5. Zat makanan yang mudah musnah

Yes! Walaupun kamu memasak. Proses memasak itulah sebenarnya yg menyebabkan kemusnahan zat besi dalam makanan.

Vitamin kini bukan lagi pilihan tapi keperluan!

Yes, dengan gaya hidup masa kini, agak mustahil untutk kita kekal sihat dan bertenaga tanpa supplement. Tapi, kena bijak pilih supplement yaaaa...pilih supplement yang semulajadi dan tidak memudaratkan buah pinggang seperti Shaklee. Shaklee juga mempunyai ribuan testimoni yang dibuktikan dengan kajian klinikal, nanti saya kongsi dengan anda semua di entri yang seterusnya.

Boleh hubungi saya di 011-1072 0792 untuk pembelian vitamin Shaklee.

Till then. 

No auto-tune, just pure TALENT

Sometimes, I wish I was born in the 1950s (well, that would make me my father's sister. Wakakak). How awesome it would be to be a teenager around the time that my favorite old bands were at their peak!

Actually there's nothing wrong with new musics, I just.....not really into them. The rap, hip hop and all, urghhhh it kills me. I have serious love for oldies and classic rock, I practically grew up with The Beatles, Carpenters, Queen, Bee Gees, Eagles and many-many more and I love them all equally I would kill to go to their concerts. Kidding.

Anyway, these are some of my favourites, I listen to them at least ten times a day and I never get bored. lol.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

The best, the best, the best!!!

2. Somebody to love by Queen 

3. Crazy by Aerosmith

4. Cryin' by Aerosmith

5. Amazing by Aerosmith

6. You're so vain by Carly Simons

7. Don't Give Up On Us by David Soul

8. I started a joke by Bee Gees

9. Crying in the rain by The Everly Brothers

10. Put your head on my shoulder by Paul Anka

There goes some of my favourites. The products of pure talent, hard work and genuine emotions, things that I couldn't find in nowadays musics.

18 April 2017

Kulit cantik dan berat maintain dengan Shaklee, gila tidak mau???

"Amboiiii, pelahapnya awak ni Amanda!"

Pelahap apa pulakkk, memang beginilah saya makan setiap hari. I eat for two because my tummy needs continuous shower of love or it will get upset. Then, when the tummy gets upset, it will tell the brain to side with her fighting against me. That's when Gastric wakes up and join their team.

Dramatic much? Hah, welcome to my territory!

And don't even try to lecture me about healthy eating because because  I am actually wayyy slimmer now than I was 5 months ago!

Rahsianya? Telan aja vitamin Shaklee secara konsisten.

Setakat ini, saya consume Energizing Soy Protein (ESP), Cinch Shake (uuuu my favourite!), Vita E Complex, Vita C Plus, Herblax, and Performance Drink. and of course 2 liters of water EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail (saya minum ikut berat badan), memang banyak perubahan ketara saya rasa selepas setahun!

Mula-mula tu ambik Shaklee untuk hilangkan masalah jerawat di dahi saya, tiada niat pun mau setia. Tapi, selepas satu tahun saya masih juga setia dengan produk ini. Why? Sebab inilah satu-satunya produk yg betul-betul memberi kesan kepada saya dalaman dan luaran!

Bayangkan saja, selepas dua minggu pengambilan, hampir semua orang di sekeliling saya tegur perubahan kulit wajah saya. They said, I was getting fairer. Then only I realized yang parut-parut di wajah saya semakin pudar and kulit saya tidak lagi kusam seperti sebelumnya. Berat pun kekal, tiada penambahan!

And the rest is history. :D

Syukurlah saya ditemukan dengan produk yg selamat, berkesan dan mesra alam ini. Kalau tidak, I really cannot imagine what will happen because Shaklee is literally my life now. Haha

17 April 2017

The Book Depository Review

If you ask me the one thing I never regret spending my money on, it would be books.

So, when my sister told me about Book Depository site and the free postage it offers, I didn't think twice. FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE including my country Malaysia! I was intrigued!

I find it very difficult most times to find website that offers shipping to Malaysia, let alone free delivery, so don't judge me for being OVERLY EXCITED about this! :D

Anyway, I spent 2 days browsing the website before I finally had the courage to place my order. Everything sounds too good to be true, and I don't fancy spending my hard earned money on cheating website! 

So, here's the advantages of TBD based on my 2 days of 'browsing session':
1. Free delivery worldwide
2. No minimum purchase - delivery is always FREE regardless of the number of books you buy!
3. Books are not overly priced
4. The collections are HUGE! I could die of excitement lol

I decided to buy When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr as a trial, but after about 2 weeks, I still didn't hear a word from the post office guy that I decided to send them an email.

I asked them the whereabouts of my book only to be informed that they are not able to track it anywhere. So, they sent out a new one for me, no fuss at all!

However, I am still waiting for it to arrive, I'll keep you guys updated later :D

27 December 2016

Mount Trusmadi Expedition via Sinua Trail

2 weeks ago, I embarked on a journey to the top of Mount Trusmadi, the second highest mountain in Malaysia with a few friends from my Mount Kinabalu expedition.

Despite being the second higher, it offers a tougher challenge to its climbers compared to Mount Kinabalu.

Here, I present you our 3 days 2 nights trekking via wayaan Mannan a.k.a Sinua Trail.

Day 1  (Monday, December 11th, 2016)

At around 1.30 pm, my friends and I left Ranau for Keningau and then we proceed to Kampung Sinua, Sook to Tainiskon base camp. I was so excited because I have never set foot in Sook before, overjoyed like a child who's been given a lollipop!

Turned out, Sinua is located so far away from Keningau. About 100 kilometers from Keningau Town, it took us 2 and a half hours to reach there, excluding our special excursion to the border of Keningau and Tenom :p Anyway, thank you Arif kasi tumpang kereta :D

Then, from Kampung Sinua, we drove another 2 kilometers to Tainiskon Base Camp, the camp we were to stay for the night. The road to the base camp was quite challenging, but still accessible by non four-wheel-drives.

The shelter at Tainiskon Base Camp. We slept together openly under the same shelter, but no worries, everybody got their own bed. :D
The toilets + showers at the Base Camp. The view is breathtaking! We were advise to take our shower properly here because water won't be enough for shower at Camp 2.

The 'kitchen'

Bedtime selfie is a must during time like this!  There are spaces for our baggage at the head of our bed.
After dinner,  I immediately hit the sack as I wanted to recharge myself for tomorrow's climb. I was quite worried about my physical ability because I didn't do any training to prepare myself for this. The bed, anyway, with a structure of a stretcher, was amazingly comfortable. 

Day 2 (Tuesday, December 12th, 2016)

The next day, we woke up as early as 5 am to take a shower and to get our breakfast and lunch ready. We took the cheapest package available, so, we couldn't depend on the organizer for food.

The 'cooks' :D

After filling our tummies with cold maggi haha and bread, we immediately left the base camp for Camp 2. We trekked through 8 kilometers of secondary forest to Camp 2; the journey was challenging! 

As I know my own limit, I had some of my things brought by the porter and some on my own. They charged us RM60 one way for every 10 kilogram, it was worth it. But, being physically unfit for mountain climbing, I had my friends bring my backpack for me in the end hahaha. Thanks Bianus, Faldey, Ed and Elsa. You guys are the best ;)

The journey commenced! 

Crossing the fast river

anddddd leeches are everywhereeeee, especially when it's raining
Speaking of leeches, yes, Mount Trusmadi is very infamous with leeches. My family had warned me earlier about the leeches, so, I was quite prepared about it. Haha. I used the dry tobacco leaves as my 'leech-repellent', though smelly, it works wonder.

It was annoying though. Having to watch your every step, making sure you're not feeding any with your blood. They said, it can be under the dead leaves, behind the rocks or on the hanging tree branches (maybe?). One managed to get inside my shoes, luckily, I had already prepared myself mentally to handle it. Still, I cried. HAHAHA Thanks Salman for picking it off for me. I still remember him said "Lap tu air mata kau" HAHA

The trek from Base Camp to Camp 2

I was out of breath but yeah, must smile for the camera
After 8 hours, we finally reach the shelter at Camp 2. 

Kupi-kupi sesh with the group members
The shelter at Camp 2.
Dinner is served!

At 8.00 pm, we all settled down for the night. The temperature was freezingly cold (not Laban Rata cold, but still cold!) I couldn't sleep properly!

Day 3 (Wednesday, December 13th, 2016)

On the third day, we woke up at 2400 hrs (yes, only 4 hours of sleep), had a cup of hot milo and bread, then we started trekking through 4.2 km of mossy forest to the summit. I only managed to reach the 1st summit, because I wanted to and because I didn't want to go through the steep and muddy trail from Peak 1 to Peak 2.

So, I had all the time before sunrise at peak 1. While others were on their route to the final peak, I had my very own 'kupi-kupi' session with our guide; Bianus, waiting for the sun to emerge.

Ready to conquer the 1st summit!

0300 hours, after 2 hours of tree-climbing haha

while waiting for sunrise....

It was breathtakingly beautiful!!! My camera didn't do the view justice.
I actually quite regret my decision to settle at the 1st summit. Haha. But the beautiful sunrise took my regret away :p

After about an hour, we started our descend to Camp 2 to have our lunch and collect our bags. Then at 12.00 pm, we continued our descend back to base camp and directly back to Ranau in the evening.