29 October 2014

The Liebster Award


This blog has been so dull lately, as I haven't posted anything since the past few months (is it?),so, I decided to spice it up a bit with this Liebster Award. Lol, when Ms Ann Flawless told me that I've been nominated for Liebster Award, I really thought that my blog has won something! Haha, anyway, thank u Ms Ann for tagging me...that's very thoughtful of you... 

So, this is what this award is about actually! 

...and here's my answers to all Ann's questions...

What do you think about my blog?
I like it. Simple yet nice...I've read some of your posts and I fancy your simple diction..

What time of day do you write the best content for your blog?

What is the best thing about you?
I work hard for things I want. I practically support my own living except when I am at home where I eat all of my parents' food. Haha.

Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from?
Nothing. My sister made me write a blog. It was in 2010 when I received a text saying 'naa...sy suda buat ko blog...' -,- but I keep on changing my URL due to unavoidable teenagers' problems. Haha..Don't ask.

Tell me the story behind your name
Desperate Housewives was my favourite TV show back then. Since I share the same name with my favourite character Gabrielle, whom is called Gaby, I then took her nickname to be mine.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
I don't know. I sleep early and wake up late. 

Name 3 of your favorite books.
Hey this is a cruel question! Haha...hmmmm... ok.. I've put a lot of thoughts into this and these are my top three books so far:
1. Heaven Scent by Sasha Wagstaff
2. The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen
3. A Thousand Splendid Sun by Khaled Hosseini

If you could go back in time, what would you do?
I never want to go back in time. I embraced every mistake I've made. They make me wiser even though I regret some of them.

Who is your favorite vlogger?
No one. Am I weird?

One word that really describe your inner self.
Mystery. I guess.

What do you think of the world nowadays?
Pretentious, self-centered, unreliable and incredibly rude. Well, it's the people but the people defines the world anyway. 

So, that's it. I am not nominated anyone because I am too lazy to construct questions, so the chain breaks in my blog! I am always a chain breaker. Haha. Forgive me for that. Anyway, I had fun answering the questions, and I don't mind answering another more set of Liebster Award! :p

Till then.

29 August 2014

Review: Kate Designing Eyebrow Powder

I used to believe that having thin eyebrows will make me look pretty. But, it’s not. For years, I am stuck with my thin eyebrows, thanks to my adventurous side of shaping it myself. Now, I am trying very hard to get its original shape, but, they refused to grow back after being denied existence for years. LOL. I tried putting coconut oil on them, but seems like I have to wait ages before I can finally see the result so at last, I decided to give an eyebrow powder a shot.

Now, I cannot live without it. I feel totally incomplete when I am not using my Kate Designing Eyebrow powder. It’s my first eyebrow powder ever, so, I cannot really compare it with other brands. But, I do believe that they give out similar result, aren’t they? :)


My before and after eyebrow powder

I love how easy it is to apply this thing; I just fill my eyebrow with this powder, no pencil, no mascara. It has 3 different shades to choose from, with free brush. Very convenient especially for someone who are always in a rush, like me. :p

Trust me; I am still an amateur when it comes to makeup. But, for someone who is still learning, I think I did quite a great job on my eyebrow, aren’t I? HAHA… 

27 July 2014

Preloved Items

I am letting go some of my pre-loved items because I am in of need cash to keep on breathing hahaha... aww I feel like Katy Perry before she became famous..lol...but yeah, since I depend fully on my allowance, I need to do something before I run out of cash!

Feel free to visit my carousell page (carousell.co/gaby_xoxo) or u can simply join the Sabah Preloved Items group in Facebook to browse! :-)

9 June 2014

Reception Highlights (Traditional Wedding)

So, here’s the summary of my cousin’s wedding reception in Ranau last month. Pictures will never be enough to narrate the whole story, eh?

This video summarizes pretty much everything that happened on that day; it's beautiful! :) That's why I always love watching wedding videos, it never goes wrong. Oh, by the way, this is another production of the Kastumized crews; so, feel free to contact them if you too want something like this on your big day! :)