25 March 2014

Lovely Family, Lovely Tambunan

My one week vacation at Tambunan was finally over. Well, actually I went there for my third School Based Experience, but it was more like a short vacation for me. It was truly a wonderful week, staying with Lilian’s big wonderful family. I can’t thank them enough for treating me so well and made me feel like I was home.

Mother always feels uneasy about me staying at other people’s house. She is worried that I cannot bring myself well just because I cannot cook well. Haha. But I think I’ve proved her wrong. I mingled with their family very well, and I did help in the kitchen although I didn’t cook (I did cook ONCE). See? You don't really need to be an awesome cook to be accepted in one's family. HAHA. 

I’ve grown fonder with Lilian’s nieces and nephew. I think her nephew has become quite attached with me that he didn’t really talk when I told him ‘aunty is going home today’. And I can’t help myself but laugh when Lilian’s niece said ‘Nanti aunty kawin, saya pigi rumah aunty’. Haha… doii…Kawin pula…macam mana, I’m still searching for Mr. Right :p (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not desperate. I do enjoy my solitary moment.)

        I think my first time staying with other’s family didn’t turn out as a major failure. Actually I stayed with Elsa’s family before, but their family is so small I didn’t really have to socialize. Haha. I’ve improved my social skill a lot!! :D

Till next post.

9 February 2014

I Was in Kay Kastum's Short Film Project :D

I did another short film for the.....4th time I guess? But this time, it is dubbed in Malay, ala-ala drama Korea yang kana kasi Melayu tuu... and for the first time, I worked with someone totally stranger; Daniel Chiam. I mean I know him, but not that I can refer him as my friend...Hee...It was fun, but I got a little awkward because well....I kan pemalu....wakakaka...

Ok, I'm not really sure what is it for anyway, all I know is, it is a video for Foodsocial. My bro-in-law; Kay asked me to be one of his talents, I just blindly agreed.

Seriously, this is funny. Not because I am the one who acted, but the way they edited it makes it funny. I feel embarrassed to share this but, I can't help clicking the share button. Haha...

Enjoy! :p

2 February 2014

The not so 'Christmassy' Christmas

I didn't really celebrate Christmas last year. I mean, I went to church but, no feast, singing, dancing and all that. It was because, we were busy preparing ourselves for my brother's and my sister's wedding receptions (If dresses hunting and self-pampering are considered as preparation). Luckily, the receptions weren't on our sides, so, we can relax a bit.

Me on the 25th of December 2013. Terrible hair (I slept in the car), lame-old top and legging that I've been wearing for years. HAHAHA. Explanation for the smiley face? I kinda smiled like that. And yeah, I'm a brown Dusun. wakaka..

So, on the 28th of December 2013, my brother finally became a husband! Yay! He's the only brother I have, so it's kinda a special feeling. 

I'm sorry for the quality...

Now, let's talk about my sister's beach wedding reception. It was held at Tindakon Dazang Beach, Kudat, during new year's eve. Well, it was my family's 1st beach wedding, so much for being a 'bukit' people, we were so excited. Especially the kids and teenagers. Haha.. My sister and her husband rent the place privately for the sake of the reception so, mimang bebas la kami ber 'kuch kuch hota hai' di sana pantai.

Bentuk 'love' yang failed.

lol. kazen sy ni, mcm baru putus cinta. padahal baru form3.

wakaupun kaki x seperti Tyra Banks, sy mau juga gmbar mcm ni. jgn kamu zoom ah. malu sia.

tingu tu ombak, kuat ma...but we took care of each other, so, nothing bad happened. Except my cousin's spec kena sambar ombak. 

Tindakon Dazang's eating place. We ate here.

The ladder of the rungus longhouse. The rungus longhouse is where we slept.

My focus here is the Rungus Longhouse (the one at the back). Not me and my nephew. alamak, sia ulang-ulang baju oh kan. maafkan saya. 

Ehhh...lupa pla gambar pengantin :DDD

I hope all of you had a great 2013 closure as well! And here's the link about Tindakon Dazang Beach if you're interested...

Till next post! :D

30 January 2014

When Gaby tries to cook...


To begin with, I admit I'm not so good when it comes to cooking. Such a shame, but I never give up learning. Every holiday, when I have the chance, I'll cook. For my family. It's not that my mom didn't teach me. In fact, my sisters are great in cooking. When I think about it deeply, I realize that I don't have what it takes to be a great cook. No matter how hard I try, the taste will turn out the same. It's still edible, but, it will not be the one that people will remember.

My mom has this notion that, when you reach certain age, you have to start living outside your parents' roof. And I start my journey at a tender age of 17. Well, apparently, I was only moving to the school's hostel, about 3 kilometres from my house, haha. But still, it hindered me from learning the basic skills of cooking. It won't be enough to learn only during the holidays. To be exact, it was my mom who cook for me because I was too busy doing revision (debatable, lol) when I came back home for holidays.

So, when I get older, I became more serious in cooking. I guess it's because I started thinking of what my future husband gonna eat if I can't prepare him a good meal. It doesn't get better. Duhhh...But the good thing is, I now can cook a lot of food, I mean, before learning, I only knew how to cook 5 meals , now I can cook 10. But the taste? Hmm, I bet I will have to find a man that think my 'air tangan' is delicious. But seriously, where to find one?haha..