5 February 2015

Of me, hair and shampoos...

My hair used to be very easy to manage. USED TO BE. No hairfall, no dandruff, effortlessly silky and it was everything a girl could ask for for a hair. And I liked to cut it short, so short because I could. My face was not as wide as it is now. LOL.

It was Christmas 2008 when I had my first re-bonding. I was excited because I’d been saving up for it the whole year and hair re-bonding was an ‘in’ thing at that time. However, after 4 hours exposing my ‘virgined’ hair to the agony of heat and chemical, it turned out sooo BADDDD I couldn’t stand to see my face in the mirror… It was so flat and the roots of my hair were burned. I almost cry but being 16 and stupid, I said nothing and paid the hairdresser anyway.

But I was positive. I fed my hair with the right shampoo (Pantene!), and in return, it served me well for a few months. And then the real aftermath happened when I had my hair trimmed by another unprofessional barber. It was soooo ugly and short I literally cried outside the salon. HAHAHA. I was lucky I had 4 of my bestfriends with me at that time; I think they bribed me with noodle soup to ease my feeling. Haha. And for some reason that I cannot understand, right after the aftermath, my glorious Pantene did not work on my hair anymore. So I had to tie my hair for 1 and a half year, refrained myself from cutting it for a year, and experimented with various shampoo to find the best frizz manager. But I couldn’t find it. Some shampoo will work its magic for a few months and then stopped serving my hair so suddenly it makes me confused. It is never as silky as it was anymore. 

So, over the years, I have experimented with various shampoo, and I can literally say what shampoo works best and what not. These are some of my favourites;

1. Elysyle by Elken (my current favourite! I used the one specialized for hairfall and it really works!)
2. Sunsilk (Cheap and smells really good)
3. Schwarzkopf (Makes hair silky and shiny, too bad it doesn't work on my hair anymore)
4. Pantene (Smells really really good)

...and, uhm, not trying to condemn, but I guess my hair really couldn't tolerate Labourse and Watsons shampoo. It makes my hair frizzy and really hard to comb. But many people swear by these shampoos so I hope my experience won't stop you from buying them. Remember, different people, different reaction. Try and you'll know it. :)

Elysyle by Elken. My current favourite..

4 January 2015

Holidays 2014; well spent...

I tend to surround myself with books since the past two months. So my holiday is all about goodreads. It only hits me after 3 and a half years signing up as a student teacher, realizing how incompetence I am in my own field. Turn out it is the best hobby ever; the feeling when you are so engrossed in a book amazed me in a way I cannot describe. Not that I didn’t read anything before, but only recently I realized how amazing reading is in making me forget all that is happening around me, especially when I am sad. I cannot find any good word to describe it but it is really really amazing.

Apart from that, I also learnt how to bake a decent cake. I never like baking actually; for me it’s the most annoying activity in the universe. But I did it anyway, you know, we need skills to survive. Who knows it might come in handy one day?

…and friends were engaged and getting married soon, I am so excited for them. Yay, I love wedding. Seeing them makes me feel so old; I then realized that it’s been ages since we joined the buffalo in the mud, jumped on a snake in the river (accidentally), ran up the hill and climbed up trees together. I had the most wonderful childhood.

Anyway, 1 week until school is open, and I am going back to routines. Wake up at 6.00 am, class until 12.00pm sometimes 2.00pm, sports event, practicum, assignments, TESL night and exams.

All the best 2015!

31 December 2014

Happy Last Day of 2014!

So today is the last day of 2014 and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, scrolling endlessly at random things people wrote about, like ‘how bullshit it is to make a New Year’s resolution because you are still gonna stay the same’ and our newly announced examination results.

Anyway, 2014 has been very good to me the whole year, although there are a lot of things I am constantly mad at, I have many more things to thank for at this moment.

I really want to write about my cliché ‘New Year Resolution’ but I read it somewhere that goals should not be announced publicly, because it will take away all our motivation to make it true. I kinda believed it, you know, learning it the hard way. Haha..

 So, happy last day of 2014 and enjoy the moment. Remember, don’t let others know your 2015 goals, or you will suffer another more year of not achieving anything! *Ketuk mija*

22 December 2014

Natural Remedies For Pimples That I Love!

It's the season of the year again; Christmas. As usual, I spend my 1 and a half month holidays at home downloading movies like there's no tomorrow, except this year, I am a bit occupied with my almost 3 months old niece; EmmaJane. My sister put her under my mum's guardian for a while and it is truly a joy having her at home with us. 

So, being a full time aunt to Emma makes me lazy to take a good care of my skin. Skincare regime is just so tiring. And guess what, pimples started to grow one by one, happily inhabiting my face. It's mortifying. It's only a few days shy from Christmas and I have pimples all over my face!

So here, I'm gonna share with you some tricks that I've learnt along the way of curing my pimples. I only share what works on me, but, I am positive that it will works on you too! hihi

1. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is the most popular remedy for pimples. Apply the gel taken directly from the plant on your pimples. It has great healing properties especially on popped pimples. Sometimes I put it on Emma's face, it so good in reducing redness.

2. Lemon juice
Lemon juice is not only good for healing pimples, it helps lighten the skin too! Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl, take a cotton wool, and apply it on your face. Better to use it at night because lemon is sensitive to sun. And oh! It's soooo gonna sting! But no pain, no gain, right??

3. Honey
Honey is naturally antibacterial, soothing and healing to the skin. Put a spoonful of honey on your fingers, and spread over your entire face. Put some on the lips too, it's so good for moisturizing the lips. Let it sit for 2 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

4. Shaklee Vitamin E
This is my favourite of all. Okay, putting this vitamin on my face hurts me a little because it sooo expensive but it really really works! Take the vit E capsule and tear it off. Take the liquid in it and spread it all over your face. It's so oily so I recommend you to wear it before you go to sleep at night. It will be gone in the morning. And all you get is super smooth skin and contracted pimples! 

Easy peasy. Try it! It’s very easy to prepare and works wonder! Of course my pimples have not entirely gone, but it has amazingly moisturized my face especially the aloe vera gel and vit E capsule. 

16 December 2014

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

Finally I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey; hmmm one of the most unexciting books I've ever read haaha. It took me 6 days to finish it, but hey, look at the bright side, I already finished reading 3 books in less than a month! This is a real achievement for me.

Before I proceed with my so-called 'review', I would like to inform you that I am not a professional reviewer. So, I apologized in advanced if I've made you leave my page feeling  utterly depressed with my writing. Haha..

To start off, I want to scream that...this book, is highly exaggerated.The plot is excruciatingly slow, you know, after hundreds of pages flipping, there's no development of characters happen. Too many 'love-making' activity; it almost give me the impression that the characters have nothing else to do other than throwing each other on bed. Oh well, this is an erotic book, what do I expect right? To add fuel to the fire-I hate, I hate, I hate Christian Grey. I found it really hard to tolerate his 'mental-illness' as he is cold, reserved and totally incapable of love I almost cry for Ana. But I did learn new thing from this book though; BDSM. Hahahahha...well, I've never seen it on screen before so yeah, we can assume that I've became a bit wiser after reading this book. LOLOLOL...

Anyway, as much as I hate Christian Grey and the writer's writing style, I am still gonna read the 2nd and 3rd book because I want to know what happen to Ana after the last event (not gonna spoil the fun!).  Anastasia, ergo innocent, she's not afraid to say what she really want in life and I think I can connect with her in so many ways. Except she doesn't like coffee, and prefer tea each time Christian asks her to stay for drinks.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey by EL james? Do you like it?