5 February 2015

Of me, hair and shampoos...

My hair used to be very easy to manage. USED TO BE. No hairfall, no dandruff, effortlessly silky and it was everything a girl could ask for for a hair. And I liked to cut it short, so short because I could. My face was not as wide as it is now. LOL.

It was Christmas 2008 when I had my first re-bonding. I was excited because I’d been saving up for it the whole year and hair re-bonding was an ‘in’ thing at that time. However, after 4 hours exposing my ‘virgined’ hair to the agony of heat and chemical, it turned out sooo BADDDD I couldn’t stand to see my face in the mirror… It was so flat and the roots of my hair were burned. I almost cry but being 16 and stupid, I said nothing and paid the hairdresser anyway.

But I was positive. I fed my hair with the right shampoo (Pantene!), and in return, it served me well for a few months. And then the real aftermath happened when I had my hair trimmed by another unprofessional barber. It was soooo ugly and short I literally cried outside the salon. HAHAHA. I was lucky I had 4 of my bestfriends with me at that time; I think they bribed me with noodle soup to ease my feeling. Haha. And for some reason that I cannot understand, right after the aftermath, my glorious Pantene did not work on my hair anymore. So I had to tie my hair for 1 and a half year, refrained myself from cutting it for a year, and experimented with various shampoo to find the best frizz manager. But I couldn’t find it. Some shampoo will work its magic for a few months and then stopped serving my hair so suddenly it makes me confused. It is never as silky as it was anymore. 

So, over the years, I have experimented with various shampoo, and I can literally say what shampoo works best and what not. These are some of my favourites;

1. Elysyle by Elken (my current favourite! I used the one specialized for hairfall and it really works!)
2. Sunsilk (Cheap and smells really good)
3. Schwarzkopf (Makes hair silky and shiny, too bad it doesn't work on my hair anymore)
4. Pantene (Smells really really good)

...unfortunately for Labourse, Watson's Shampoo, Loreal and Rejoice; they make my hair frizzy and really hard to comb. But many people swear by these shampoos so I hope my experience won't stop you from buying them. 

Elysyle by Elken. My current favourite..


beaty said...

shampoo la yang sa inda tau apa brand sa ngam.. mgkn mau try tu elken punya kali o kan

Gaby said...

try la...licin o rambut sy pakai...