11 January 2014

The Easiest Way to Inspire Each Other..

We had our Language Art class last Tuesday. It was fun, believe me, considering the fact that I am not really into Literature, where Mr.G asked us to write any positive traits that we believe our friends have it on their paper. It made me nervous, a bit, knowing what other people may think of me, but haha, it turned out quite shocking, at least for me...

Well, I really don't deserve this. Hahaha...I'm not that beautiful, I'm just a very common girl with a common attitude, and yeah. I believe 'I follow the crowd' theory was happening then. You know, when someone wrote pretty, and you have nothing in your mind, so you end up writing pretty as well. But, anyway, it made my day.LOL. 

This is for me the most important part of the activity, where I get to know what people think of my self-bringing. Although I knew there won't be any negative comments, because it was strictly not allowed, it is still important because there are always things about myself that I want to improve. You see, I didn't really get the word 'kind' as much as my friends do. So, maybe this year I should focus on being nicer to people, and drop that slightly over-confident thingy as a way of improvement? ain't? :) Oh wait, who wrote the word 'shy' there? That person clearly doesn't know me. lol

You guys should do this with your friends, really. It is sometimes good to know what other people think of you, as it gives us chance to improve!

Well, you may say that this is a bragging post but, I really think that I should share this thing so that everyone can benefit from it as much as I benefited from it!

Okay, this is so embarrassing but I posted it anyway..

Till then, runnnnnnn....


beaty said...

siok bah ni main gini ..dulu2 sikul selalu buat gini juga ni..

Michelle Sung said...

haha malu2 ba dia..ok ba. masa plkn dulu kami pun pernah ada task mcm ni. siok juga sbab semua fresh positive thoughts trus keluar hehe