2 February 2014

The not so 'Christmassy' Christmas

I didn't really celebrate Christmas last year. I mean, I went to church but, no feast, singing, dancing and all that. It was because, we were busy preparing ourselves for my brother's and my sister's wedding receptions (If dresses hunting and self-pampering are considered as preparation). Luckily, the receptions weren't on our sides, so, we can relax a bit.

Me on the 25th of December 2013. Terrible hair (I slept in the car), lame-old top and legging that I've been wearing for years. HAHAHA. Explanation for the smiley face? I kinda smiled like that. And yeah, I'm a brown Dusun. wakaka..

So, on the 28th of December 2013, my brother finally became a husband! Yay! He's the only brother I have, so it's kinda a special feeling. 

I'm sorry for the quality...

Now, let's talk about my sister's beach wedding reception. It was held at Tindakon Dazang Beach, Kudat, during new year's eve. Well, it was my family's 1st beach wedding, so much for being a 'bukit' people, we were so excited. Especially the kids and teenagers. Haha.. My sister and her husband rent the place privately for the sake of the reception so, mimang bebas la kami ber 'kuch kuch hota hai' di sana pantai.

Bentuk 'love' yang failed.

lol. kazen sy ni, mcm baru putus cinta. padahal baru form3.

wakaupun kaki x seperti Tyra Banks, sy mau juga gmbar mcm ni. jgn kamu zoom ah. malu sia.

tingu tu ombak, kuat ma...but we took care of each other, so, nothing bad happened. Except my cousin's spec kena sambar ombak. 

Tindakon Dazang's eating place. We ate here.

The ladder of the rungus longhouse. The rungus longhouse is where we slept.

My focus here is the Rungus Longhouse (the one at the back). Not me and my nephew. alamak, sia ulang-ulang baju oh kan. maafkan saya. 

Ehhh...lupa pla gambar pengantin :DDD

I hope all of you had a great 2013 closure as well! And here's the link about Tindakon Dazang Beach if you're interested...

Till next post! :D


beaty said...

congrats to ur big bro..

kami pun plan mau p Kudat time cuti CNY but something came up so inda jadi

Alexy Rusx said...

"sia ulang-ulang baju oh kn" paling manang.. (y)

congrats for your brother.. ;)

Gaby said...

thanks beaty.. :D bah plan lg bah...

brigett.. :D haha lpas upload baru sy perasan baju sy itu2...

Dyana said...

siok kan di tindakan.tenang sj and privacy.Tp ada karan sdh ka masa kamu pigi?hehe

Gaby said...

dyana- yaa....tp time kmi p ujan ni..hehe...ada karen jg...ada generator...hehe