27 March 2015

My Sibu Trip: Day 2, 3 and 4

Hello everyone!

Well, all I did in Sibu was eat, eat and eat. And of course took lotssssa picture until my phone memory can take it no more. Hahaa..That were pretty much how I spent my second, third and fourth day in Sibu..

Bintangor Rojak (mixed food)

The famous laksa Sarawak

Look at the priceeeeeeeee!

We literally bought 10 hahaha...it's very delicious, can get it at Sibu Central Market

Kongpia! It tastes greattttt... bun stuffed with pork meat

This is the best of all...our last dinner with Fred's family. His Mama cook the best kimchi!

Those are only 10percent of all the food I ate there…I am officially missing them! Thanks to the cheap price, and of course Fred paid most of it, that I could enjoy all the delicious food. 

So, that concludes my 4 days 3 nights trip to Sibu, although tiring, I do had fun...The place is nice, nothing to shout-out but the food.....AWESOME!

p/s all pictures were taken using my OPPO R1, quite good huh?


lilie .yangkangon said...

laksa sarawak n kuih lapissss.. i heart them..mau p la nanti, hohoho

Gaby said...

yess u should... tu kek lapiss sgt sedappppp dan murahhh....hihi

Unknown said...

The photo below the kek lapis, where's that place?

Gaby said...

Kow loon food centre 😀 but I don't remember how to get there

Gaby said...

Or maybe kow loon is the name of the stall...I really don't remember 😂