6 April 2018

Braces Update #1

Guyssss, I’m sorry for the long hiatus!

I’ve been busy with work, my side job, and keeping up with life, I barely have time to share about my teeth 

Cheers to a post after almost 4 months missing ><


Anyway, let’s go straight to business, yeah?

I would like to present you….jeng jeng jeng….my humble teeth-fie lol

This is the clearest angle I could do, not much has change but I think my smile is completely different now. My teeth actually move quite fast, despite the fact that I have a squarish jawline. A squarish jaw, said my dentist, is stronger, makes it harder for the teeth to move.

Most times I like it, but sometimes I miss my old vampire teeth. It’s not that I regret doing this, but yeah, it’s quite impossible 'to remove' the part of you that has been with you forever. In my case, it’s my vampire teeth, or lasit as the Dusun called it. :D

About my diet, I eat normally + healthier than my pre-braces days (and supplements of course!). That, my friend, cause me to lose some weight. Good riddance though. I never needed that extra fat lol

Next time I'll let you see the before and after picture :)

So itu seja lah for today...more updates later... <--- I'll do better this time haha

My teeth-supplement. Research proved that Vitamin C & calcium helps in the formation of Osteoclast, one of the cell responsible for tooth movement. No wonder gigi saya cepat gerak kan :D


Chii said...

Mahal ka pasang braces?

Gaby said...

Hi chii...😊 Mahal jg...tp byr ansur2...

Anonymous said...

Berapa la deposit klu yg ceramic?

Gaby said...

Hai...RM1.8k 😊

chegu carol said...

so much difference indeed! bikin semangat ni mau pi set appointment sama dr natasha

Gaby said...

Go go go 😍