5 June 2014

Panau Ceremony (Traditional Dusun-Bundu Tuhan Wedding)

I always love a wedding…It’s the only time my family and I can gather as a whole, other than Christmas. But the works we have to do to organize it, is beyond tedious. I even became sick a day after the event. No, I’m not complaining. Not that I did much though, because my family is so big we don’t even have to lose any sleep. My point is, I get sick so easily these days, I too don’t understand why.

Anyway, my favourite part of a wedding is of course the traditional food, serunding tuhau is a must!– arghh, who can resist?? and the traditional wedding. The Panau Ceremony as we call it. I did post about it before, but I was so emotional a few months ago that I deleted most of my posts. LOL.

Gong is played to tell that the ceremony has started...

The elders will recite the 'tondiandi' (wedding poetic poem) first...

After that, the groom will choose his lovely bride amongst these covered women. Heheheh... we'll never make it easy.. If the groom choose the wrong woman, he'll be given penalty. Usually, he'll have to drink the tapai or lihing (Rice wine).

And finally, the bride and groom will eat traditional delicacies together. And people can go merry! :D

Well, being me, I only know about the fun part. Don’t ask me to explain about this Panau ceremony academically because I really can’t do that hahaha. But yeah, being me, I am so good at finding resources (the only way you can survive college life…pffttt); you can read my cousin’s post about this Panau ceremony HERE..

….and I made a video about this ceremony a year ago for fun (I recorded it during my other cousin's wedding), I think it’s good enough to give you idea what Panau ceremony really is.. :) Enjoy!

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