25 March 2014

Lovely Family, Lovely Tambunan

My one week vacation at Tambunan was finally over. Well, actually I went there for my third School Based Experience, but it was more like a short vacation for me. It was truly a wonderful week, staying with Lilian’s big wonderful family. I can’t thank them enough for treating me so well and made me feel like I was home.

Mother always feels uneasy about me staying at other people’s house. She is worried that I cannot bring myself well just because I cannot cook well. Haha. But I think I’ve proved her wrong. I mingled with their family very well, and I did help in the kitchen although I didn’t cook (I did cook ONCE). See? You don't really need to be an awesome cook to be accepted in one's family. HAHA. 

I’ve grown fonder with Lilian’s nieces and nephew. I think her nephew has become quite attached with me that he didn’t really talk when I told him ‘aunty is going home today’. And I can’t help myself but laugh when Lilian’s niece said ‘Nanti aunty kawin, saya pigi rumah aunty’. Haha… doii…Kawin pula…macam mana, I’m still searching for Mr. Right :p (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not desperate. I do enjoy my solitary moment.)

        I think my first time staying with other’s family didn’t turn out as a major failure. Actually I stayed with Elsa’s family before, but their family is so small I didn’t really have to socialize. Haha. I’ve improved my social skill a lot!! :D

Till next post.

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