27 December 2017

Getting my braces on!

I finally have my braces on!

After contemplating for years whether I should have it done or not, I finally said yes to braces. And it isn't because my friends are doing it, or because somebody was bad-mouthing my bad teeth. No.

It has nothing to do with anything or anyone. I just want to have a straighter and maybe normal teeth like everybody else. Damn you Cheryl Cole, why is your smile so perfect? LOL

My teeth has always been crooked + crowded with a super big protruding rabbit teeth. I was super confident with it before, but now that I am older, I am beginning to feel uncomfortable about it. And now I regret for not doing it much earlier!

Day 4 with braces

So, I went for consultation at Dr. Natasha Dental Clinic in Donggongon (After doing lots of research and 'interviews', I decided to trust my teeth to Doctor Natasha due to her glory reputation as a dentist).

Fast forward the discussion, she told me that I have to extract 4 of my teeth in order for them to move perfectly and to prevent my rabbit teeth from going further in front. Gasp!! Imagine having to remove your 4 super healthy teeth when you have never extracted any teeth since you're 8!

I've no intention to brag, but yeah, my teeth are quite on the healthy side haha. I have never had any oral and dental problem since I was a little girl.

So what are the stages of getting a wire on your teeth?

1. Consultation

This is basically the process where the dentist will check on the condition of your teeth, and suggestion on the type of braces you should get, and how it will work on your teeth.

The consultation alone cost me around RM40, if I remember it well. Okay la tu, tiada service yang free bah.

2. X-ray

An X-ray is usually taken before treatment so that a proper treatment can be done. Since their x-ray machine was not functioning at that time, they referred me to Queen Elizabeth Hospital I for the procedure.

The images will be put inside a CD, the one you'll bring to your dentist on your next visit.

Price: RM240 + RM1 (CD)

3. Pictures and Impression (mold)

My third visit was brief, with them taking the before-picture of my teeth and having an impression made.

Impression are taken so that braces can be designed to perfectly fit my teeth. It was not painful, but it was uncomfortable. Mold was loaded into my mouth, and pressed against my teeth and gums to create 'negative'.

The 'negative' is what they'll used to design my braces.

4. Discussion

Based on the x-ray images, the dentist will explain to you thoroughly how the process would be. Different people has different procedure according to the condition of their teeth.

I had my teeth scaled on our fourth appointment.

5. Yay, braces on!

Finally, after weeks of hustle and bustle! I requested to have 2 of my teeth extracted on the same day to save time since my holidays were coming to an end. I won't have time for 'extraction appointment'.

Was it painful?

Well, yes, but bearable. The process itself wasn't painful but the after-effect was. My body temperature soared, and I almost faint. I didn't feel any pain on the gums area, but I guess it's my body who couldn't tolerate it. I have no idea why.

So, I nourished myself with Vitamin C and Calcium to promote self and gums healing, and everything went back normal the next day.

p/s be prepared with ulcers! It's gonna hurt a lot.

What did I eat on the first few days?

Porridge, smoothies,  and blended vegetables. On the fifth day, I started eating normally, though slowly hehe. No hard food, by the way! It can damaged the braces and makes the process longer. Anyway, everyhing seemed to heal very fast, thanks to vitamins ;)

Do you think it's gonna affect your self-confidence?

Honestly, no. I feel normal and there's no point on feeling bad about it. Sure, it isn't the cutest thing in the world, and believe me, I want it to finish as soon as possible, but, life goes on baby. Don't let it affect you.

So, that's a little bit about my braces, I'll keep everyone updated on the process. If you have any questions, just ask, I know everyone is as curious as I am, provided there's not much info about braces in Sabah so far.

Till next post, xoxo!


Unknown said...

Berapa la harga kalo mau psang braces..

Gaby said...

Dia ikut jenis jg tu. Kalau sy ambik yg ceramic braces, jd 8k semua. Kalau ambik yg besi biasa lagi murah hehe

Tp bayar ansur2 jg. X la jg terasa

chegu carol said...

This is in my BUcket Lis! And i hope to get it done soonest. Thanks for the info. Shall drop by at Dr Natasha since it's nearby.

Gaby said...

Go for it @chegu carol! jangan kasi lama haha

chegu carol said...

Any updates on the braces?