7 November 2012

Herbaline Facial

So I visited Herbaline yesterday for a facial treatment. After reading so many good reviews about Herbaline, I was determined to try it myself. But before that, I would like to inform you that my opinion might be bias because I've never tried another place other than Herbaline for a facial treatment, thus I have nothing to compare it's service with.

Here goes my bias opinion;
Service: 5 Stars
Staff: Friendly, chatty and understanding
Product: 4 Stars (I've tried the facial wash and I like it)
Price: 3.5 Stars (Too expensive for students)

I took the most basic package, the RM48 one, but the extraction of whiteheads and blackheads is also included. OMG! The extraction was soooooo painful!! But no pain no gain, rightttt?? My face feel sooo smooth after that…70 percent of my whiteheads and blackheads are now gone…Yay!! The extraction process alone took us about 1 hour, and I could feel that the beautician was struggling extracting those stubborn heads from my face! And I  too was struggling to hold my tears! LOL.

The thing that I love the most about Herbaline is the short talk between the beautician and the customer before the treatment session. It helps the customer to know their skin condition and of course it will avoid us customer  from choosing the wrong treatment that maybe we do not need at all.

After the facial, I had a short talk again with the beautician. I'd like to call it the reflection session because this is when the beautician tell us the severity of our skin (in my case, it's blackhead), and what do we need to do to lessen the problem. And of course they will tell you that Herbaline product is the only product that can cure it, don't fall. You don't have to trust them when they started blabbing about the 'goodness' of their product. Haha.. Overall, it was a really great experience. I'll surely re-visit them, when I have extra pocket money. :)

 p/s- they used machine along the process.


Chii said...

kan bgs kan :))

A.G.P said...

hihi yaaa.. ;D

Michelle Sung said...

this post really attract me now since muka skrg sakit tenat :/ sudden attack of ruam and jerawat...mimpi ngeri oh..rm48 ja? murah oh..i tot basic2 pun rm100+ hehe..thanks for sharing. would love to visit herbaline soon :)

A.G.P said...

hehe ya 48 tp basic ja laa....klu mw treat jerawat 100+ jg tu....

Wen said...

dmana herbaline centre ar?

A.G.P said...

wen, d cp, karamunsing, n asia city klu d kk...n satu d tawau.... :)