20 December 2012

Review: Nano Aloe Vera Facial Wash

I have just finished cleaning the store room. Oh gosh, with the heavy rain, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wash the sofas’ cover. But I’ve washed it =.= grr..need to prepare my ears for my mum’s lecture tonight.

My current activities at home really (which is cleaning all the time) make me lazy from taking a good care of my skin. Well, really. What’s the point of wearing all the creams and lotions when you are going to indulge yourself with dirt right? Mueheheh, but no worry. I have my Nano Aloe Vera Facial Wash that acts as my ‘skin guard’.

I bought it 2 months ago just for the sake of trying. So, I’ve been wearing it for 2 months! Let's see how good it has been to me...

I love the packaging. It comes in tube which is very hygienic and user-friendly.

Very light and makes a lot of foam. The skin feels fresh after every wash.

Not so expensive. Affordable. RM36 for every 50g.

I think it’s a good product. My pores are a lot smaller, and my skin feels smoother than before. I really can see the difference especially when I wear my BB cream!

 Well, it doesn't mean it will be good for your skin even if it does wonder to my skin. But, it is worth trying! ^^


Jue said...

Bagus kali nie product kan...hehhe..Need to try lo..

Dora said...

I have gotten extremely lazy this holiday.. cuci mula pun malas apa lg ltk cream and lotion.. haha.. tp rajin pula sy p ptg to aloe vera ltk d muka :P

A.G.P said...

jue- bgs ba jg....siokkk ja pkaii..hehe

dora- sy pun mlassss....hahaha...bnyk sda jrawat ni tumbuh2,...alo vera pn sy mlas,,,,klu da jerawat besar bru sy p taru...hehe

pikir kool said...

wow, u look radiant!

A.G.P said...

hahaha...that's bcoz of bb cream! thanks anyway... :)

Lil Tiger said...

*mo cubiiiiiiiiit!* hihihi

A.G.P said...

tembam kan! lol...