18 January 2013

Review: Pig-nose clear black head from Holika Holika

This week I got myself a nose strip from Holika Holika. I am so obsessed with nose strip coz I have a slightly severe whiteheads and blackheads on my nose. It's a product from Korea, and I put hope on it coz it's from Korea! Korean girls are known for their flawless skin right??

So, I wore it just like how I wear the other nose strips; I wet my nose with warm water, put the strip on, and wait for 15 minutes. Well, it is not stated that you have to wear it like that, (plus, I can't read the instruction since it's in Korean) but, that's how people wear a nose strip, isn't it? Girl's instinct. o.0


I was so disappointed. There's nothing on the strip!! (I put hope on it, you know!!)...hmm, I prefer The Face Shop coz their nose strip is obviously more effective than this... 

Thumbs DOWN!

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