16 December 2013

Review: Garnier Skincare

I've been a faithful user of Garnier for almost 2 months now. Eligible enough to do a review, I supposed? Erk, ermmm not really a review, more to like.....an opinion..haha...review sounds so professional...which I'm not...

1.Garnier Cleanser
Okay, let's start with the cleanser first. This is my first Garnier product ever. It claims to cleanse, brighten, and clarify the skin, and I tell you, it works. After using it for a week, I sensed that my skin has become a bit brighter than before. Well, actually I have no idea whether or not this cleanser helped me because I stayed in my room all the time memorising facts for exam, but there's no harm in believing right? haha... However, it did make my skin feel good; no more oily T-Zone! 

2. Garnier Night Cream (Light Complete)
I got this cream a week after I bought my cleanser. My friend; which is a Garnier-lover told me to buy the 'Light Complete' series since it is less oily than the 'Light' series. So, I bought the Light Complete one because I believe she knows better considering the fact that she's been an avid user of Garnier for a long time. And yes, it is less oily than the 'Light' series. (I've tried my friend's Light series cream). And I'm loving it. So, few days ago, I did a check up on my skin, and I was soooo happy to see that my 5-months old scars has gone!! So did my blackhead! However, older scars are still there, but have faded a bit. I guess it is the reward for using this cream religiously for 2 months. :) Not to mention it also gives me a healthy glow beside moisturising my skin without making it oily.

3. Day Cream 
I cannot say much about this cream because I only bought this 3 weeks ago, and I rarely used it since I don't really like the consistency of this cream. I think it is quite 'hard' and it doesn't spread good on skin. Besides, it makes my skin really dry and 'cakey', like I've put a very thick powder on my skin. I won't repurchase it despite it's cheap price; RM8.91 for a 40ml tube. However, the bonus part is, it makes my skin shine-free for hours, 4-6 hours to be exact. :)

Well, if it doesn't work on your skin, blame me not! Everyone's skin reacts differently, ain't? ^^

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