19 December 2013

My DIY Floral Crown (Love!)

Lately I'm so into floral crown, and I'm already imagining me in bohemian theme during my sister's wedding reception in Kudat. So, I've been watching and reading some tutorials on the net on how to DIY it, and tadaa...here it is, my Tuesday project; Floral Crown. :D

Well, if you read or watch the tutorial on the web, they actually exaggerated a bit of what things you really need in making this crown. They said you have to buy this, that, this wire, that wire, this tape, that tape....but, I think these two materials will do at least for a simple minded person like me! 

Fake Flowers
Cloth wire (actually I told the salesgirl that I want a wire to make a floral crown, I didn't literally say 'cloth wire' and she gave me the right one! It's size 28 by the way)

Turning them into a crown is super easy. 

Step 1

Form the base of the crown by shaping the wire round. Use your head (or whoever heads the crown will belong to) to measure the size of your crown. You will need to combine the wires to actually form a round-shaped base. 

Step 2

ATTACH YOUR FLOWERS! This one, depends on your creativity. Your can attach the flowers in whatever pattern you like and add some leaves after that. 

Use hot glue gun to attach the flowers at the base. 

Attach them in whatever pattern you like. 

Well, if you don't own a hot glue gun, fret not. You can use the cloth wire to attach the flowers. Wrap the flower around the base using the wire. Be resourceful! 

Step 3

The finished product. :D

Step 4

Deciding which one is better. No. Step 4 is a joke. But seriously, which one is better?? Hahaha..

Who knows it could be your Christmas present?



Michelle Sung said...

Pretty! I am so into floral thingy now..hehe haiih bila la my kakak kawin ni..sya pun mau pakai2 begini haha..anyway,i think more flowers are better :D

Gaby said...

haha buat sja baa...suka2 ja..u think so?ok...hehe thank u... :D

Dora said...

cantik oo! I can't decide which one is better.. dua2 pun cantik juga

Gaby said...

hihihi thank u! first attempt... ^^