18 April 2015

Practicum; Week 1 checked!

         I survived my first week of practicum. Heaven knows how tired I am! I’m not even a real teacher with 30 periods a week! Now that I am in school, I really really really appreciate Saturday. Saturday is the only day where I do not have to rush to do anything, the only day I do not have to wake up early to plan my lesson, and the only day I do not have papers to mark (coz I am so lazy, I only give them worksheets :p). I am slowly adjusting my life to this new routine.

Let me start with the class that is given to me to handle. Hallelujah most of them have very strong basic in English; I hope I won’t face any problems during observation (which is on Tuesday, OH EM GEE!!!). However, yes, there are things that I am not satisfied with; they are very, I mean VERY, very noisy. Everyday feels like running 800 metres trying to control them. Once they become so engrossed with the activity, they started making noise, shouting to each other trying to complete the worksheet. I am still trying to figure out why do they have to shout. And then I shout too, in the end it becomes havoc. I tried ‘blackmailing’ them with the REWARD system, but they do not really care. Gosh! My classroom control is still very-very bad.
Then, lesson planning. Thinking and planning could take a week, figuratively. Moreover, I realized that my pupils have different proficiency level, so, I have to prepare different task for every level of proficiency, to ensure learning is happening in the classroom. It’s a lot of work.

Third, money. Seriously, I spent a lot of money on teaching aids (Note this, note this!! To those who ALWAYS complaint about teachers). Nampak tak pengorbanan I?? Hahaha. And actually I have to restrain my food intake hahaha…But, it’s worth it when they understand the lesson! So far, listening and speaking skill is the hardest skill to teach. Why? Please refer paragraph 2. TT.TT

But I like teaching. It’s actually fun, though really tiring. And scary at the same time, because you are responsible for somebody’s future! I still prefer studying and do my assignments over teaching. Hahaha..
3 more weeks!

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